Perhaps final version of the bridge….

Would like to do more angles, might later.  Render times are not being kind.


Clouds somewhat worked but not as well as I’d liked.


Almost done

Several test renders.  The glow affect is a happy accident at this rate.  I stuck in a cloud because I wanted to do 3D fog.  It worked but I think is what is causing the leaves toe glow .  This also means that I can’t card out the trees, so the poly count is pretty heavy from the paint effects trees.  Rendered these out and then realized the toches aren’t done.  In addition going to lighten up the fog density some, the opacity setting, leaves are too bright.

Angle_3 angle_7 angle_8 angle_9


Further update.

Still adding things and refining.  Wanting to try the ocean shader and or pond but neither is giving the right look.  Going to try paint effects too.  The carding approach for plants is somewhat working but not real well, it is my first time.  Moved stuff, resized things, re surfaced some stuff too.  Also finding new value to creating something once and then making dupes of it.  Grouping things is also quite time efficient.

Maya_docs_4 Maya_docs_5


Update to Bridge project

Maya_docs_3 Zbrush_docs_1 Zbrush_docs_2

Making good progress.  This has been one of the harder assignments or projects I’ve dealt with.  Mainly because we’re using stuff I’ve never used.  First time for ZBrush and first time for Unreal.  Workflow is alot different from just Maya but I’m seeing how to use the different software tools together for different aspects of the pipeline.  The ‘card’ thing with teh plants is very new to me too.  Somehow I had the alpha channels reversed initially.

Wanting to add a pathway area just beyond the bridge area and some trees, and roughen up the rock and stone structure of the bridge sides.  Using the card approach to add some plants.  Also building something of a ground area before and after the bridge where a river would go.  Scuplt the ground and add some grass and so forth.  Lastly want to add some kind of lanterns on the poles and dim the lights down, fog would be fun to throw in but may not get to it.  more to come but wanted to get something posted up here before the end of the day.


Bridge started

Got the bridge started.  For some reason the surfacing on the bridge itself is not going through.  Currently everything is procedural, even the fog.  I’m wanting to add torches or lights of some sort to the poles, a bunch of trees and do some kind of normal mapped surfacing on the both the bridge and the foot areas that lead up to the bridge.  An early morning ‘Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ kind of atmosphere would be ideal.  Not sure how well trees would play with that if it’s dark.

Screen shot shows the surfacing in the Maya viewport but not much is showing up in the mental ray rendering.



Totally different direction.

Threw in a cloud and did bump map modifications.  Totally different look now.  The whole idea has been a shipyard from the begining.  The idea of a ‘wrecked’ and abandoned ship yard is a bit more there now.  I’d like to do some kind of a dome and other stuff but, need to get the next assignment worked on too.  Fog is a volumetric fluid 3D Container.  Added a fractal bump map to the crane hands to have a corroded aged appearance.  The fog could be considered acidic and corrosive.revised_1 Revised_2 Revised_3 Revised_4 Revised_5 Revised_6


Project update…but want to revist it

I’ve heard the phrase that there is no such thing as done but only abandoned in the art world.  Kinda feel that way about this project.  Did some renders to post.  I want to revisit it assuming I can find or make the time.  Or perhaps rebuild it.

Went from a simple control room to an abandoned salvaging yard, could be in space, or the desert.  Apparently wordpress doesn’t like tifs, will be back with jpegs.Image converted using ifftoany Image converted using ifftoany Image converted using ifftoany Image converted using ifftoany Image converted using ifftoany Image converted using ifftoany Image converted using ifftoany Image converted using ifftoany

nevermind….looks as if i can update after posting.