Update to Bridge project

Maya_docs_3 Zbrush_docs_1 Zbrush_docs_2

Making good progress.  This has been one of the harder assignments or projects I’ve dealt with.  Mainly because we’re using stuff I’ve never used.  First time for ZBrush and first time for Unreal.  Workflow is alot different from just Maya but I’m seeing how to use the different software tools together for different aspects of the pipeline.  The ‘card’ thing with teh plants is very new to me too.  Somehow I had the alpha channels reversed initially.

Wanting to add a pathway area just beyond the bridge area and some trees, and roughen up the rock and stone structure of the bridge sides.  Using the card approach to add some plants.  Also building something of a ground area before and after the bridge where a river would go.  Scuplt the ground and add some grass and so forth.  Lastly want to add some kind of lanterns on the poles and dim the lights down, fog would be fun to throw in but may not get to it.  more to come but wanted to get something posted up here before the end of the day.


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